Interaction with the fans is all part of the show


Aussie FMX leaves the crowd in awe as Australia’s top riders turn themselves upside down and inside out in an action packed demonstration that showcases the most spectacular stunts in freestyle motocross.

Freestyle Motocross is proven drawcard, giving you the opportunity to increase attendance to your event.

Providing quality family entertainment is all about offering exciting, hassle free fun and going the extra mile to ensure everyone has a great time.

The team at Aussie FMX are professional athletes who train all year round to provide an unforgettable experience for you.

Interaction with the fans is all part of the show


The Aussie FMX team know what it’s like to be a kid in the crowd because for most of us that’s where our passion for bikes began. We take the time to talk to the kids after the show and the riders are happy to answer questions, pose for photos, sign autographs and allow the kids the opportunity to see the bikes up close.

It is this personal touch that has our customers coming back and why they are happy to provide testimonials to any new clients.

General shows run for approximately 30 minutes which involve three riders from our team performing some of the biggest tricks within the sport, including the crowd pleasing back flip which sends the audience wild.

Our equipment requires minimal setup and pack up time and we are stringent about safety, for our riders and your customers. As such the bikes are checked before every performance and serviced regularly to keep them at their peak performance. All riders are fully insured.

We have the flexibility to suit your budget and can customise shows to meet your entertainment needs. Our performance is often the main event and the highlight of the show, this is due to the winning combination of exciting tricks, a great MC and his ability to get the audience out of their seats and engaged in the action.

Sunshine Coast Show

We have a list of clients who will happily provide testimonials about Aussie FMX performance and professionalism. We can also provide video footage from previous performances and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

To List a Few

  • Toowoomba Royal Show
  • Brookfield Show
  • Mungindi Show
  • Sunshine Coast Show
  • Kemspey Show

“Once again another great show I have witnessed. Thank you Aussie Fmx crew for supporting and giving a fabulous show last night, it pulled one of our biggest gate takings in a day. So thank you, I’m very positive on seeing you very soon and thank you Kempsey community for giving it a big bang on Saturday night” 

Damion Treloar

President of Kempsey Show

Brookfield Show 2017

“We booked Aussie FMX for the Brookfield show this year. The shows were great and enjoyed by young and old. Thanks to Amber and Brodie for making everything from booking to on the day logistics effortless.”


Entertainment Manager Brookfield Show

The Aussie FMX difference

Our new night time Entertainment Show includes world class athletes, commentators and a choreographed show with the engaging battle of the best crowd judged competition.

Then with a twist of action pact comedy………introducing our mascot Aussie The Kangaroo.

Aussie The Kangaroo makes three mischief appearances during the 20min segment ending with Aussie winning everyone in the crowd when he finally convinces the team to let him do a backflip on his cousins Kevin The Koala’s 80cc mini bike.

This act is the first of its kind in the world and while every kid in the crowd will be stunned by an oversize mascot kangaroo doing a back flip, the parents will be an awe as Aussie flips his 80cc mini bike upside down off a full-size competition Freestyle Motocross ramp.

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