Aussie FMX is a one of the top professional Freestyle Motocross teams in the country.  Our team is by no means new to the Freestyle Motocross Entertainment industry.
Aussie FMX director Brodie Carmichael has been in the industry for over 12 years now.
He also is a 3 time World Record Holder and competes in the Nitro World Games FMX World Championships.This track record continues onto the Aussie FMX team with all riders being world class athletes.

Aussie FMX take the time to meet and greet the fans before and after the show and it is this extra commitment to provide great family entertainment that sets them apart from the others.

In 2017 we have focused on providing the best entertainment with a interactive crowd engaging edge that has made us second to none in the country.

Toowoomba Show entertainment line up
Professional fmx show Noosa


Aussie FMX has a back ground in live Entertainment shows and from this has choreographed a new crowd engaging show like something never seen before.

This includes world class riders, commentary, crowd interaction, free giveaways and a meet and greets after every show.


Freestyle Motocross (FMX) is a type of motocross where motor bike riders attempt to impress judges (and anyone standing around) with tricks, stunts and jumps. The riders usually perform with speed, height and in many cases acrobatics.

Over the development of FMX, there have been two variations of the sport we know today.

Free riding is the original Freestyle Motocross and is the older of the two disciplines.

From Free riding came Freestyle Motocross.  Freestyle MotoX is where the riders perform two routines lasting from 90 seconds to 14 minutes.  The routines are completed on a course consisting of multiple jumps of varying angles and length. Generally a lot of space is required and the arena can occupy one to two acres of land or an indoor facility. In competition, a panel of judges assigns each participant a 100-point score based on difficulty of tricks, performance and variations over the jumps.  The rider with the highest collaborated score wins.

heelclicker fmx stunt

Big Air (Best Trick) is another variation of FMX competitions.

In this competition each rider gets two jumps, usually covering more than 18 meters from a dirt-covered ramp or an arena.

Through the competition a panel of judges evaluates the style, trick difficulty, rider’s performance and originality of the overall presentation.

The judge then produces a 100-point score scale.

Each rider’s highest single-jump score is compared and the top riders score wins.

There are various FMX competitions in Australia and Internationally.

Riders compete in America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australasia and New Zealand.

The sport is growing in popularity and gaining a cult following of thrill seeking action sport lovers.

Professional experienced freestyle riders
Riders have a vast catalogue of gravity defying FMX tricks
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